Valentine 1

Lee M. Levitt lee at
Thu Aug 23 15:36:54 EDT 2001

"Alexander van Gerbig" <Audi_80 at> writes:

> the best way not to get a ticket is just not speed.

Alex, please turn in your qlist membership immediately. That kind of talk
just isn't acceptable.


Really...I told my wife that my car likes to cruise at 85. She didn't
believe me - "it goes as fast as you tell it to..."

Then she borrows my car. Comes back two hours later with a big grin on her

I ask "So how fast did you go?"

She: "It just wanted to go 85 all the time!"

Case closed.

BTW, anybody have a spare remote readout or volume control for a V1? I'm
looking to bury the readout in my instrument panel...

'95.5 S6 avant (with Valentine1)
'96 A6 quattro avant

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