CIS turbo power/boost limits

David Head v8q at
Thu Aug 23 17:19:33 EDT 2001

That sounds suspiciously like Carl Jerrit's "The Beast" - sold a couple of
years ago while he moved over to Dinan assisted WMBs. Scott J could
enlighten us...
Recognizable by the smoked rear tails and Kamei grill surround.

Then there's the Draggin wagon, which was a detuned Lehman 20V in a 91
Avant. That got sold about 18 months back...

And of course there was 'someones' EFI converted tq with the custom 3"
exhaust... Can't keep them GM guys down...

ed armstrong wrote:

> That was the guy !! I recognize the spelling.
> Can we jump start this thread  ??
> What did this guy do to get 300+ hp from a 5000 tq?? I
> remember some of the pictures that accompanied this
> article in European Car several year ago. I nice blue
> painted engine. I distinctly remember seeing the CIS
> fuel meter and lines.
> Any older listers remember this car and how he managed
> to up the HP over the so-called 250-275 HP limit ??
> Dual fuel meters perhaps ??
>  -ed
> --- Frederick Smith <smitty at> wrote:
> > Not was Carl Jerrets (sp) car if I
> > remember correctly. Some older
> > list members will probably chime in and offer more
> > info.
> >
> > Smitty
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