Radar Avoidance

Rex Pedersen fega at fega.com
Thu Aug 23 23:28:16 EDT 2001

The ONLY ticket I ever got was with a radar detector.
Many years ago, but just when instant on became the new thing. I was in the
middle of a large pack of cars going about 20 over. The trooper was coming
from behind and triggered his radar. I was the ONLY one that hit the brakes.
BINGO!!! You loose!
Got pulled over before that same weekend, but talked my way out.
Two weeks later, pulled over again, a warning, then the other trooper
spotted the cord under the seat.
By then he had issued the warning so it was too late for a ticket, but gave
me a tounge lashing.
Gave them the detector... Haven't been stopped since.
Rex Pedersen
Ludington, MI
86 5ks wagon
87 5ksQ
90 V8q

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