CIS turbo power/boost limits

ed armstrong edshred2000 at
Fri Aug 24 09:36:45 EDT 2001


Thanks for that informative post.

Looks to me that the key to the high HP 10v engines,
assuming you can get it more fuel with bigger
injectors, or extra "piggy backed" injectors, is a
huge intercooler and perhaps an upgraded turbo.

Javad, if you are following this thread, any thoughts
about how your non EFI turbo setup would have fared
with that mondo intercooler you are currently using
with the EFI ??


> On Carl Jerritts car there was an RS2 turbo
> Some Mercedes injectors with increased fuel pressure
> (shim method)
> 16" x 16" x 3" intercooler
> and other stuff I can't remember now.
> We saw 25 psig briefly several times (I didn't want
> to push someone else's
> car) when Carl & I were playing at Second Creek,
> outside of Denver with Karl
> Baehre of Prestige Audi.

> Ned

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