Near ticket experiences (helpfull hints)

George Tur gtur at
Mon Aug 27 10:55:19 EDT 2001

scott miller wrote:

> Excellent tips, make the cop feel safe.
> 6.  Pull into well lit, visible area, well clear of traffic.
> 7.  ID or wallet out, no reaching around while he's walking up.
> 8.  Open all windows (that work :) or at least driver's, before he gets
> there.
> I even turn on map lights.  Again, make the cop feel comfortable.  Of course
> this might make him feel you do this all the time.....

Interesting. When I was young and foolish, now I'm old and foolish, I was pulled
over by an NYC patrol car for blocking an intersection. I gave the cop the
finger, I didn't realize it was a cop at that time, when he started blaring his
horn at me. Needless to say he pulled me right over, and because I was young and
foolish, I didn't pull all the way over, in fact his car was sticking out into
the traffic lane by about 3 feet, and I only rolled the window down a couple of
inches initially, and I was pretty surly. After all this I was given a warning
and told to behave my self.

Last year I did a rolling stop and right turn at a light and got pulled over
immediately. This time I did all the right things as per the above list and got
a $70 ticket and 2 points.

Hmm! Maybe I should have some coffee and doughnuts ready next time.


Still fuming over that ticket.

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