5000 TQ Parts...Standard conversion anyone???

Dave Hord spokes at mail.the-wire.com
Mon Aug 27 22:44:04 EDT 2001

Hi all...

I'm debating the turbo swap into the 90q.  I've got a handle on an 86 5000 TQ 
to transplant from.  Is this compatible??

Anyways, it's got a good tranny, good quattro system and great interior (seats 
are worn, door panels, carpet and dash look great).  All of which I have no use 
for...Wheels are available too. I need to sell these parts to help cover the 
cost of buying the car.

Is anyone interested?  Car is going to be located two hours north of Toronto 
Canada, but I can transport to Toronto or ship for price of shipping/gas.


89 90q  288,100 - Being attacked by Team-Doorhandle

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