-starter fix Starter Question - 88 80q

Richard J. Andrews tech at flashmail.com
Tue Aug 28 15:10:00 EDT 2001

I have had this happen..
and a good lube of the starter bendix and the shaft cured it for me...
i had a starter that sounded like it was about to die...
i had this spray lube i picked up @ walmart called tech 2000 or something 
to that affect..
0.99 starter sounded brand new after a liberal spray and then a couple 
bench spins followed
by re-applications....
still using the same starter 3 years later.. and still works great...
of course yours could be a different failure mode...
but if your starter is getting noisy or not engaging/disengaging well...
definately worth the dollar to lube it...
you may save yourself some serious cash.. i know i did..

'86 4kq
]At 12:53 PM 8/28/01 -0400, you wrote:

>Seems that I'm having problems with my starter, especially when the
>temperatures are high.  First thing in the morning, no problems starting.
>After having driven maybe 20-30 minutes and then turning off and letting it
>sit for a while (more than 5 minutes) and then trying to start, that's when
>the problems start.  If I turn the key, get a 'kchuuung...kchuuung' sound.
>Have to turn the ignition maybe 2-3 times to start.  After each kchuung,
>I'll pause maybe 3-5 seconds, try again and then it'll start.
>So, question is, I'm not sure if it's the starter or the ignition switch.

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