Four OFF the Ground?

Smeins, Larry lsmeins at
Tue Aug 28 16:43:11 EDT 2001

>Dave relates:
>Reminds me of an old story in Hot Rod from the mid seventies. It
>seems during some aggressive testing in an industrial area the throttle
>cable stuck wide open. 

> The perfesser said:
>  One has to pick the spots
> for speed in excess - and in a residential area is NOT the place.
>  He's gonna kill someone if he keeps that crap up.

It also reminds me of a co-worker and friend that was building a hot small
block Chev in my younger days.  The throttle linkage on his dual four
barrels stuck open and the ones he killed were his pregnant wife, a close
friend and himself.  Not funny.  I am in total agreement with Al.

Larry from Loveland Colorado

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