Pressure bleeding

crankshaft at crankshaft at
Tue Aug 28 19:13:18 EDT 2001


I made a bleeder out of a garden sprayer.  All I did was fill it with
fluid, pump it 10x,opened a bleeder and waited for fresh fluid to squirt
out. Easy but make sure you dont run out of fluid.

Good luck!

Eyvind Spangen wrote:
> I made a pressure bleeder today by using an old reservoir cap and
> attaching a hose to it. I made it to change brake fluid in my '90 V8
> (no clutch). Now to the question: Do I have to keep the brake pedal
> depressed to allow fluid flow from the reservoir to the lines &
> calipers, or can I just attach the bleeder and start bleeding, just
> watching the reservoir? I've bled brakes the "old" way a million times
> before, but never with a pressure bleeder..
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> Regards,
> ES

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