Center Differential fill location?

Richard Sargent audipilot at
Tue Aug 28 19:07:48 EDT 2001

Does anyone know if there is a separate fill plug for the centre differential on a 5kcdtq?

I removed the drain plugs from the front diff, and from what I assume is the centre diff. When I filled the front diff/manual transmission I left the drain for the centre diff open, and was surprised when not a drop of gear oil escaped, even though I was able to completely fill the front diff/transmission.

Does the centre diff have a fill plug that I haven't been able to find? Or is the drain for an extension housing which is meant to run without lubrication?

I have consulted my Bentley manual, the local dealer, his micro-fiche, the next nearest dealer (250 miles away), and Audi USA. I have not received a definite answer regarding whether or not this differential can be filled from the front diff fill location. I have even been told that "you have to drop the transmission to fill the centre differential". I am reasonably confident that Audi would not be stupid enough to design something like this, so I'm asking you for the real answer to my question.

I'm not moving my car until I find how to fill this differential (not a Torsen, because I have differential locks).

Thanks in advance, Richard 
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