NAC timing.. its everything in life....

Larry C Leung l.leung at
Wed Aug 29 10:59:49 EDT 2001

I take it the guy in the Camaro will be alright? Just think if he was in
something smaller, such as Geo Metro or something. Man!


On Wed, 29 Aug 2001 09:20:36 -0400 "Beatty, Robert" <BeattyR at>
>Driving home from martial arts class last night, I was about a mile 
>from the
>studio when I came across a camaro stuck in the woods.  It had been 
>hit by a
>guy in an another car who crossed over into oncoming traffic while 
>around a corner at high speed.  The guy in the camaro was awake and 
>to the cops on the phone.  His car had NO exterior sheetmetal from the 
>of the car to the rear quarter on the drivers side. His left arm was 
>up pretty good and looked like he prolly had a fracture.  The other 
>seemed ok, but I mainly stayed with the camaro guy till the paramedics 
>cops showed up.
>All i can say is... im damn glad I stayed a bit late.  I think if i 
>had been
>a minute earlier down that road, it very well could have been me this 
>moron in the other car hit!
>Becareful out there people, morons are everywhere!
>86 5ktq (the new one!)
>87 5ktq (for sale)
>89 200tqa (the wifes)

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