Vl: Re:80tq drag racing- Intercooler reevaluation [long]

Jukka Majanen jiipm at sci.fi
Thu Aug 30 02:20:38 EDT 2001

Oh, here will be lots of things you allready discussed,
I mailed this first to our local list by accident.


Javad wrote:

>...SO, I will be upgrading the IC here real soon, my plan is to keep the IC I 
> currently have, but add a second identical core to the bottom of it and 
> modify the endtanks accordingly.  Thus, my new IC will be 18Lx14Hx3"Thick (up 
> from 7" high), and will flow over 800cfm.  Much "modification" will have to 
> be done to the front core support, I will be sure the post pictures and info 
> when it is all done.  

How about the low pressure water injection
before the turbo, just for the track purposes,
so it doesn´t eat your blades. The cheapest

Actually You need at that power bigger turbo.
K24 is not a solution, because it has a smaller
turbine side than 26. There will be lots of more
backpressure, it has just a bigger compressor.

Even now You are blowing a bottle, not breathing
in that hot side.

The bigger intercooler does not help You, in
my opinion. You are in the bad effiency area 
of K 26:s small compressor. If You make heat,
not well flowing pressure, aftercooling it doesn´t 
help a lot.

Another consideration- I believe I am running the stock k26 close to its 
surge limit, where efficiency is poor and thus temps are high (the reason the 

I do not think Your problem is the surge limit, the
compressor´s surge happens, when there is a
lot of pressure with very small flow. But You are
at the upper poor effiency limits.

I recommend a K 26/27 hybrid or a suitable T04.
If You have a stock 10vt exhaust manifold, that should
be chanced too.


ps. I have a nice mpeg, where an old 10vt coupe
makes 100-200 km/h ( ~65-130 mph ) in ~7 seconds,
at the 4:th gear. interested? The car has an impulse 
type exhaust header, I think I sent the picture of that
You once? The turbo is 50/60 Holset with 3,5 Bar 
( absolut ) charge. 

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