10v boost, was 1/4 mile...

Jukka Majanen jiipm at sci.fi
Thu Aug 30 04:49:13 EDT 2001


I just wanted to post You a couple of files about 10v
turbocharged engines ( I love ; ).

At this url You can find those:


It is a 3.3M video of an old Audi accelerating at the 4:th 
gear from 65 to 135mph in few seconds. Switch the sound 
on, it is the best part of it :))))

It is a pic of that engine ( impulse type header, which is much 
faster than normal costant pressure restrictive manifold ) 
That K-26 is just for fitting, the car has a big Holset
50/60 turbo. Haltech injection, 8.8 compression, N/A ( chanced
timing ) cam. The body is an 85 type coupe. I think it can make
low 12:s, sorry Javad. Boost is ~3.5 Bar.

( Actually I made with my 100tqw 10v with a stock I/C <<15 sec.
(( 2.2 Bar/20PSI )), next step will be 2.4 Bar with W/I ;-)

IMHO many of Your well done +2 Bar cars suffer too small turbo,
the compressor is in poor effiency area, just making heat and
nothing else, even a good I/C does not help then, specially those 
K-26:s. The worst ( usually ) is the backpressure of those stock 
manifolds or turbine sides, K-24 is a wonderful, because of it´s 
response, but it just doesn´t breath...I díd not want to give up my 
K-24 ( at the 3:rd and 4krpm, just +1 sec from 0 to 2.2 Bar ), but
it´s turbine side makes so much backpressure, that one feels
like blowing the bottle, not breathing the engine.

Just my opinions

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