4000S to 4000 quattro?

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed Aug 29 21:59:20 EDT 2001

Tim Sexton writes:
>     Does anyone know if one can put the drivetrain from an 86 4000q into
> an 86 4000s?  Is the body tub different in the 4000S?  I have found a
> 43000 mile 86 4000s that would be a much nicer donor car for my 4000tq
> project than my current 194000 mile 86 4000csq, but if I couldn't make
> it a quatto I can't use it.

The bottom floorpan is completely different.  You'd have to cut the
4000S floorpan out and weld in the one from the 4000S quattro.  Also,
the front subframe is different due to the 4-cylinder engine, as are
many detail differences.

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