10v boost, was 1/4 mile...

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Thu Aug 30 13:56:49 EDT 2001

CGTs are pretty light to being with, adding a turbo motor to a
car like that would make it awfully fast.

With a weight under 2500 lbs., you wouldn't need that much power
to make it fly.


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At 05:49 PM 08/29/2001, Jukka Majanen wrote:

>I just wanted to post You a couple of files about 10v
>turbocharged engines ( I love ; ).
>At this url You can find those:
>It is a 3.3M video of an old Audi accelerating at the 4:th
>gear from 65 to 135mph in few seconds. Switch the sound
>on, it is the best part of it :))))

That was awesome!  And here I thought my wifes 2.7T was fast!!!  What kind
of power would the car have to produce for such a fast acceleration at

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'01 Audi A6 2.7T

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