Type $$ is testing me...

Michael Gough mdg3369 at mac.com
Thu Aug 30 17:14:41 EDT 2001

Sorry, can't help on the glove box or the dash light problem.

> New problem #3:  My formerly all supportive wife, (who has mostly loved her
> CQ until it recently decided it too needed copious amounts of expensive
> attention), asked me why we don't give up on this annoying Audi thing and
> buy just Hondas like everybody else?  The scary thing is, I considered it,
> if even for only a nanosecond...turboquattroturboquattroturboquattro...

I can help with this problem though. Either get a new wife, or get a new
Audi. LOL "Get a Honduh" but then you WOULD be like everyone else, and where
is the fun in that? When I drive my Quantum Syncro turbo, I'll sometimes see
4 white Accords or 3 silver Camrys all next to eachother on the road. I have
only ever seen one other Quantum Syncro on the road. Now some people say to
me "You're stupid, get a Civic" , but I like having a unique car, especailly
one that people say "What the hell was that?!?!?!" when I accelerate away
from them, and they never get a chance to see the car again to figure out
what it is.

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