Japanese cars/ Audi , was Type $$ is testing me

CL Wong montesawong at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 31 14:09:45 EDT 2001

my 88 integra has been fairly reliable.  in the 13
years I've owned it I've had to replace 2 rear
calipers, an alternator, 2 or 3 timing belts + water
pumps, 1 clutch and some oil.

My opinion about German reliability focuses on the
German need to display their superior engineering
skills by finding new and ingenious ways of doing
things that everyone else does some other way.... case
in point: UFO rotors... (ok ok, they really DO work
better than regular rotors, but c'mon... )

How about the excessive use of little tiny parts?
removing the headlights from a type44 involves some 20
or 30 bits that could easily have been done with just
a few bits of trim and fasteners.

Why do I drive my audi?  uh oh... (rumblings of
Larry's thread all over again....)

Turbo Quattro!

91 200Q 20v (Hoppen stage 1, Bilsteins, Eibachs, RKE)
97 A4 2.8Q 12v (Shaumberg T/B, K&N panel)

Rockland County, NY

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