7 blade rad fan install

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 31 17:28:10 EDT 2001

  Hello list,

  I just recieved the new 7 blade fan from Avi and It
looks great at first he was going to send a used
rebuilt one but from what he saied he sorced some new
ones so he kindly sent a new one instead of the
rebuilt one thanks Avi,
 A few questions on installing
 is there any hidden dangers? this is an Audi where
talking about,
 and I got the fuse block as well only cost about $20
from the dealer got an 80 amp fuse, bracket to secure
it to the expansion tank, fuse holder
  what brown wire do I connect the fuse to there are a
couple of big brown wires? I looked at Scotts web site
and the info and pix are real vauge any BTDT would be
 Reply personally since I'm only a digester.

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