Slave cylinder.

Iain Mannix mannix at
Sat Dec 1 14:08:02 EST 2001

Thanks, all - those that said "it IS the slave" were correct.
It already had a new style clutch master(86 5kcsq), but
I replaced it anyway - there were mentions of the new
style master from 95 in the archives; it could be 6 years
 old for all I know.  Nonissue now.
The slave was not too bad to replace - got the pin out
with a drift & some help from a friend; 6" extension,
socket to hold the drift, took the windshield reservoir out
and used a 1200g Facom sledge - came out pretty easily,
actually.  Some more banging got the slave out, it
looked old, the seal on the plunger side died; rubber
boot was full of fluid.  Made a cheesy pressure bleeder
with a schrader valve, spare reservoir cap and a Zefal
frame pump.  Did the trick in no time.

Thanks all!  Kinda annoying, but in the end,
it is good.


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