Blaupunkt TravelPilot RNS 149 in a Type 44

Phil Payne quattro at
Sun Dec 2 12:07:18 EST 2001

> >I've just looked at the installation instructions.  The system needs
> >to be attached to the speedometer signal, the reversing lights,
> >and God knows what else.

> The -reverse lights-?  Good lord.  What on earth for?  I've heard of
> some pretty wierd stuff, but never that!

You also have to 'calibrate' it by driving a fixed distance, and recalibrate it if you change the tyres ..

It has 3 x 8-pin connectors and 3 x 6-pin connectors on the back - a total of 42 connections.

Plus the normal radio aerial and the GPS aerial.

I presume the reversing light connection, the gyroscopic adjustment (!), the calibration and the speed sensor are so it can use a
form of inertial navigation if it loses the satellite links.  The speed sensor signal is unsigned(!) after all.

Fun device.  I wish I had a simple "Theory of Operation" manual instead of having to deduce what each adjustment and hookup is for.
You would think the normal 'dumb consumer' rules wouldn't hold for something like this.

Incidentally, I read a review on the web of the TravelPilot in an A8.  It got comprehensively panned for its display - and resulting
from that an utter dismissal.  Excuse me?  You're driving an A8 and you have time to look at anything but the road?

You damn well watch where you're going and listen to what the nice lady tells you to do at the junctions.  Displays are for posers
in WMBs who are travelling slow enough (because of the inherent instability of their vehicle in corners) to look at the bloody

Thief magnets, anyway.

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