4kq Oxygen Sensor replacement, Where and how?

Smeins, Larry lsmeins at ball.com
Mon Dec 3 09:41:40 EST 2001

Replacing the oxygen sensor has been a relatively easy job on my other cars
but it looks like that may not be the case on my 87 4kcsq.  I spent 15
minutes looking for the sensor without any disassembly and didn't find it.
Based on my 5k Bentley and what I see it must be buried in the bowels of the
engine bay.  Its time for help before extracting major parts to get at the
sensor.  Any tips on replacing the oxygen sensor will be appreciated.

Larry in Loveland, CO
84 4ks two door, 87 4kcsq, 87 5kcst, 67 912, assorted VW beetles and a
snorting roaring 95 Ford Powerstroke to trailer things around.

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