Holy Ticket Batman

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The best you can do is get it reduced provided you have a good driving
record.  Don't waste your time going to court.  Call the prosecutor who
is sometimes a police officer.  Tell him/her that you'd like to save the
town the inconvenience of having one of their "finest" tied up in court
and was wondering if you could settle for a lesser amount.  Works for me
here in southern NH where I seem to get a ticket once every 3 yrs for
not paying attention to the known speed traps.  Then of course you can
take your chance and hope the officer fails to show up in court :-)

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    Driving home from campus and doing what I usually do, around 50mph,
the long stretch of 35mph zone.  I know I speed and I do pay the
consequences when I get caught, but in this case something is awry.  I
rounding a sharp corner, heading down into a big dip, and I spotted a
He was heading at me doing at least 45mph or so going down into the dip.
Basically he has no angle on me at all, so I don't worry too much about
I see the lights come on in the mirror and he does a u-turn in traffic
come get me.  I pulled over before he even caught up to me, knew I was
snatched.  He gets out and I get the typical routine, nothing new to me.
then asks how fast I am going.  I admit nothing and he claims I was
70mph in a 35mph zone.  Gee I don't remember my speedometer at 70mph
when I
passed you, but I held my tongue.  He came back with an 8 point, yes 8
point, ticket that costs $300.  Tells me he got me with Genesis moving
and yadda blah blah blah.  Well I've surely plead not guilty and will
officer Fortin in court in a few months or so.  Another great day behind


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