Huw Powell audi at
Mon Dec 3 17:39:06 EST 2001

> Question regarding tickets to the list... I've plead not guilty to a ticket,
> and I recieve notice in the mail about a trial date, and interestingly
> enough the name on that court appearance ticket is mine, but it has been
> completely misspelled. the spelling is the same all times on the notice,
> however its not the correct spelling of my name. is this error enough to get
> the ticket dismissed being that it is not my name that the trial is in or am
> I just going to be laughed at when I raise this point in court?

If you turn up it's gonna be hard to argue that the officer failed to
identify you correctly, isn't it?

Unless you have some solid evidence or legal reason why the ticket
should be dropped, your chances are probably not very good.

Not that I am a lawyer, or anything like that...

Recently I spoke to a local lawyer about a ticket I was thinking of
fighting and he warned me that the judge could just as easily impose a
higher fine than the ticket would normally carry, if I was found guilty.

He suggested checking to see if I was going to be in "real" points
trouble from it (& if so, maybe *try* to fight it, and take the drivers
school for point reduction...), and if not just call the court and plead
nolo, and pay the fine.

Think, if you're worried about points, etc., you probably have a less
than pristine record, and it may very well come up as evidence...
disposing the judge to look at you as a repeat offending weasel who
needs to be taught a lesson.

I paid rather than risk catching hizonner (or heronner) on a bad day...

Follow this procedure with a few years of careful driving and it all
goes away.  Stay under 10 mph over the limit religiously, and take out
your "need for speed" somewhere it is safe & legal, like local amateur
track events, the drag strip, etc.

Huw Powell

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