resurfacing flywheels w/timing pins

auditude at auditude at
Mon Dec 3 18:21:22 EST 2001

I'm getting back a little bit of uncertainty from the two local
machine shops I went to today to see if they can resurface my
flywheels (MC-1 and MC-2).  They are concerned about the small
diameter timing pins getting broken when they remove them to
machine it.

One shop suggested that they might be able to drive them out from
behind, if the ring gear can be pressed off and if the holes in what's
left actually go all the way through.

I'm planning on contacting some of the German/Audi mechanic
shops and see if they'll refer me to who does the flywheels for them.

Anyone have any ideas?  I suppose worst case the dealer could do
them or could tell me where to go (hehe).



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