Budget quattro/ 2.3 l 4kq

Larry C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Mon Dec 3 18:15:04 EST 2001

The 5E and the 2 dr version, the 5+5 were front wheel drive only. Very
light, not much more than your Jetta (if I recall correctly, it's an A2).
Overall performance ('specially 16V) goes to the Jetta, but comparatively
the Jetta is twitchier at speed, short wheelbase a good part of that.
Even the rear suspensions are similar in concept and layout, VAG's
semi-independent twist beam axle. The GTi/Jetta (A2 and later) even have
track correcting bushings (a.k.a. similar to the 928's Weissach axle
concept), but I still find the A2's twitchier than 4K's. And when they
bite you, they really let you have it. Love 'em that way.


On Sun, 2 Dec 2001 23:18:09 -0500 "Rave Racer" <Ravewar at rogers.com>
>AFAIK, the 4000 5E had the I-5 and a 5sp. Still not as quick nor as
>as even the US GTi's, though not up to the ultimate handling of the
>either, it was likely better balanced and stable due to it's longer
>        My Jetta, even with higher ride height, had less body roll,
>shocks, and handling.  The Jetta was also quicker and had a higher
>speed.  The quattro naturally has...   well, quattro, but also has
>overall stability.
>    The Audi has something else.  An understated kind of class.  A
>ability to do things that other cars cannot.  I have yet to find out
>what it
>is yet, but I'm determined to find out.
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