034 EFI

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Tue Dec 4 18:57:15 EST 2001

> Basically, I'm wondering if the entire passenger side of the engine bay is
> empty due to converting to EFI, then it'll be much easier for them to see
> what's there.  I guess if I retain all the smog stuff that it originally have, it
> will be okay, like carbon canisters and such.  It just wont look stock,
> and I'm probably not match the sticker exactly.

just fill the bay up with random hoses and lines going to mysterious,
unused parts to create the impression of incredibly effective pollution
prevention equipment.  And make sure the car runs clean...

> Ok, I read Javad's recent post describing it as much easier to install the
> efi and a CIS system a car that didnt have it.  I understand and accept
> that.  But it looks like my current thought process is that I still have to
> integrate the ignition side of the MAC11 setup into the 4ksq.
> What I'm wondering is how big of a job is it to swap over just the ignition
> side of a 5kcstq into a 4ksq.

I don't think it is worth it if you've got EFI on the horizon.  here's

1. the ignition and fuel system are integrated so you need more junk
2. the 5kt ignition system depends on a flywheel sender or cam pins for
3. the 2.3 (NF/NG) system is separate from fuel system, and uses a 5
window distributor to trigger it
4. You can put in the turbo plumbing, install and fire up EFI, and still
use the stock ignition system at first.

I don't see the point of installing all that wiring from the 5kt just to
rip it out later.  Just do the turbo/EFI work, get it smogged, take a
breather and start looking for your ignition system donor vehicle (there
are many!)

I haven't really btdt, but I did once spend a long afternoon on Marc
Swanson's garage floor separating out that insane 5kt wiring harness
from all the stuff that isn't even fuel or ignition related in it!

Huw Powell



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