100 Euro lights... help with rebuilding them..

David Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Tue Dec 4 23:53:47 EST 2001

To get the info on this place originally, I picked up a copy of Hemmings and
started calling places. Anyone that chromes plastic does vacuum metalizing...

Dave C wrote:

> Rob wrote...
> >Looking at having the few sets of 100 Euro lights vacuum metalized ...
> If anyone knows of a place that will do this, please tell the rest of us.
> Supposedly there is a place in Toledo, OH that Dave Head and maybe others
> used in the past.
> They are supposed to be:
>        D&D Plastic and Chrome Plating
>         419-389-1748
>         Toledo Ohio
> But it seems to me D&D is defunct.
> Within the past few weeks I've called there twice.  All I get is an
> answering machine, and no one calls back.  The message on the machine
> contains no info and does not sound like a business.  I drove to the
> address and it is a small house in a residential area, with a for sale sign
> in the yard and no sign of anyone home.
> Dave C.
> Columbus, OH

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