'88 90q Rear Struts/CV Joints/Torque Settings (Long)

Megan Bigelow mkbigelo at zoo.uvm.edu
Wed Dec 5 01:04:53 EST 2001

kinda late on thsi thread, but when i did my front shocks in my 88 90q,
all i needed was an air gun with the wheels on the ground to get that
front axle bolt off.


Bob Gregory wrote:

> Currently replacing rear strut inserts.  Chose not to
> take off axle bolt because reassembly requires 258
> lb-ft of torque. Don't have a wrench rated >150. Yes,
> I know for 65$US HarborFreight has one rated to 500 or
> 600.  But.......Replaced front wheel bearing recently
> and torqued bolt to 89 lb-ft -- that was tight and
> don't know how much more I would be physically able to
> do with 24" torque wrench.  After torque setting, bolt
> required additional 1/4 turn.  I barely was able to
> accomplish this with 24" breaker and 180 lbs (me)
> jumping.
> Question #1 - How do you get to 258?  What about the
> 360+ for the crank bolt?  Does the increased lever arm
> of a big honking wrench (48") make that much
> difference?  Never worked with torques this high and
> am feeling ignorant.
> Question #2:  Rather than not removing axle bolt, I
> disconnected inner CV joint (sort of).  Was able to
> lightly tap the boot off the joint but the joint
> itself is stuck firmly onto the differential side of
> the axle assembly.  Any ideas on how to remove a 14-yr
> old CV joint?  There is nothing to pull on or spin.
> Do I need some costly tool?
> BTW, I was able to compress the spring in-place enough
> to rotate the entire strut assembly out of the wheel
> well to disassemble the strut/insert.  PITA.  Would
> like a more elegant solution (big wrench for bolt or
> miracle CV joint unsticking tool) for the other side.
> Thanks
> Bob Gregory
> '84 4kq
> '88 90q
> '01 S4
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Megan Bigelow


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