034 EFI

Michael Gough mdg3369 at mac.com
Tue Dec 4 22:14:24 EST 2001

>> Without all the vacuum hoses and rubber boots and WOT sensors
>> and other old Audi stuff to break, maybe we can keep our cars on
>> the road for even longer!
> eh, the "old Audi stuff" only breaks because it is 15 years old.  if you
> replaced it all the car would be so-o-o-o reliable for years...

Yeah, so you replace the CIS with EFI on your 5000 and the car runs
perfectly, but how do you get in the car with all but the back passenger
side door handles broken? ;)

All kidding aside, in my VWs if I pull the handles out when the levers get
hard, and grease them, they last forever. Maybe this could be done in the
problematic Audis......??????

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