Supercharged 12V (was RE: Robert C. Hack at work again)

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There is at least 1 car with a supercharger on it.  I saw it at our 1st get
together out in Framingham at John Harvards.  I don't remember who's car it
was, but the story was, he had contacted who ever was developing it after
they dropped the idea and purchased the prototype and set it up.  Car was
quite nice.

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I have seen a 12v A4 with a supercharger on it at a drivers ed event at
watkins glen 3 or 4 years ago. seemed to run just fine and good bit faster
than a stock a4. It made a lot of noise! reminded me of my friends
supercharged mustang.

Mike Guidotti

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> Why is it so unbelievable that there would actually be a blower kit
> for the 12v?  Sure would make it a hell of a lot more interesting, if
> you didn't blow the tranny in the first 10 miles :-)

It's unbelievable because there's only been 1 or 2 attempts at a 12v
supercharger and they were all left on the R&D floor because of ECU
issues and a lack of market.

Sean Ford
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