90tq Turbo Conversion Timing Pin Placement

Christopher Flanner cflanner at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 5 13:45:06 EST 2001

Hello Listers,

I am hopefully nearing the end of my MC into '88 90 Quattro turbo
conversion.  The stock 90 flywheel has been modified to accept the timing
pin that the MC computer needs.  This involved taking 0.350" of shoulder of=
of the flywheel (0.350" was arrived at by the "that looks about right"
method) and placing a pin in the same position as on the MC flywheel.  I
determined the position by duplicating distances from certain flywheel bolt

Well, my friend who was doing the timing pin for me ran into trouble and
broke off a hardened steel pin in the correct location.  We were unable to
remove it so I had him install another pin next to it, about 1.8=B0 advance=
of the correct position.

see http://www.teenaflanner.com/chris/90tq_turbo_conversion_gallery/ for
pictures of the goof-up

My question is this:  what will this do to the engine operation?  I can't
adjust for it by changing the distributor orientation, can I?

There is something basic that I don't understand.  What does the computer
use this signal from the flywheel pin for?  The distributor takes care of
ignition and the injection is continuous, right?

Thanks in advance!


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