5K Hot Seat

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Wed Dec 5 23:25:05 EST 2001

Some "thoughts":

Some models with heated front seats also have heated rear seats.   I have
several Type 44 with rear benches that have wiring in them.  There just is
no harness in the car to connect to the plugs in the benches.

The battery + post could make ONE nonsparking contact if someone compressed
the seat springs against it and kept it there.

Is the battery the proper vented type with a clear vent running to
atmosphere through the sheetmetal behind the battery box?  Perhaps fumes
from the battery are a source of heat.

At 07:58 PM 12/05/2001 -0700, Steve Sherman wrote:

>Thanks for the ideas.  Guess I wasn't clear, this is the rear passenger
>seat (right most) in a 5K Wagon (Avant).
>The idea of a stuck heater sounds good, but there is none for the rear
>seat, at least that I have ever found.  Where would the controls for the
>rear pass seat be?  Also when I pulled the cushion to look underneath
>did not see any connection that would likely be for a heater.  Could the
>rear seat have a heater that is somehow not getting juice?  Seems
>unlikely but hey...
>Thought of the Bat too, but I saw no signs of sparking or electrical
>contact near the battery posts, and the bat and all it's connections
>were cool while the seat was warm.
>I think the next step here is to localize the heat.  If I can determin
>the location, then perhaps I can take a guess as to which wires should
>be unplugged and move on  from there...
>No reports of a seat belt switch shorting into flames???

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