it's a girl (and shirts update)

agaidos at agaidos at
Thu Dec 6 06:33:54 EST 2001

 Great news! Glad mom and daughter are doing well. Just wait until she's 14
going on 25! Then tell me about headaches
Quoting Dan Simoes <dans at>:

> At long last, little Emma, weighing in at 7lbs 3oz, decided to come out
> at 2:30am this morning.  Emma and her mom are doing just fine.  Me, I've
> got a whopper of a headache but otherwise no lasting damage (except that
> now I have to pay for TWO weddings!)
> Shirts update:
> I have bids out for the shirts and Thompson is tweaking the design ever
> so slightly again (what a guy).  My goal is to get them asap as I am
> aware many of you would like to give (or receive!) them as gifts.
> If there are any listers in the printing business who would like to bid
> on the project, feel free to contact me.
> | Dan |

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