Redline MTL and Harbor Freight

Traurig, Scott R scott.r.traurig at
Fri Dec 7 10:12:09 EST 2001

I've had bad luck with Redline MTL and good luck with Harbor Freight.

Redline MTL was extremely popular in the Talon community for a while to
"fix" older trannies with "crunchy" shifting, i.e. worn syncro's. While it
was an excellent short term solution, unfortunately we found that it was an
extremely poor lubricant by itself for manual transaxles, at least for Mitsu
units. Many of us learned the hard way, including me. I've still got my old

Another product you might look at instead is BG Syncroshift. This proved to
be the ultimate solution for Mitsu trannies. I don't know if it is
compatible or appropriate for Audi trannies.

Meanwhile...I've bought some stuff from Harbor Freight, and in general I've
been pleased with it. It is certainly NOT Sears Best, much less Snap-on, but
for occasional home use it seems perfectly adequate. I stress occasional-if
you are doing a lot, buy the best. My last purchase from them was a folding
trailer, which I use *occasionally* for moving my race bike around, and I've
been extremely happy with it.

98.5 A4 1.8TQ

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