The BIG sale...concerns about me being a lister...

JShadzi at JShadzi at
Fri Dec 7 10:26:20 EST 2001

<< I'm sorry, but I happen to disagree here.  How does one draw the line
 between "good deals" and "tons of spam?"  >>

Don't go disagreeing with me too strongly, I think in the end we probably are
looking for the same thing.  Last thing I want is a spam list either.  IMO,
to this point, the amount of "good deal" traffic has totally been acceptable
to me, maybe you will disagree with that, and that would set us apart opinion

<<In the past when this issue has come up the main concern is that once you
allow this sort of thing it can tend to increase unless it is challenged.  Of
course Dan is the one with the ultimate say, so if it is OK with him I would
not have as serious an
 objection.  >>

Absolutely, I agree

<<That said, it sure seems to me that there are people who use the
 list more as a means to make bucks parting out cars and the like as opposed
 to truly contributing to the overall audifans community. >>

Thank God for that!  As I said, I rely on some of them for very good parts
and service for my own car.

 <<The thing that frosts me the most is that people are taking advantage of
Dan Simoes' generosity in the process.  That's uncool in my book ... maybe
that's just
 me though.  If I happened across a killer deal for some parts inventory and
 I thought I would take advantage of the audifans group in turning it around
 I would certainly run it past the listmeister before posting ... and you can
 bet that he would be at the front of the line with a cut of the proceeds.>>

Sure, you are right, Dan has put a lot into this list, and becuase of that,
if he wanted to enact a policy where donations were made to the list by
sellers, I would agree to that.

 <<Sure "hit the delete key" is the quick answer ... but that still takes
 I am already at the point where I can not participate here as much as I once
 did ... it is embarrassing to think of the number of unread messages in my
 inbox.  At some point the effort of trying to keep up is futile.>>

Right, but lets face it, over 50% of the traffic on this list is about
doorhandles and windshield washer bottles, etc, I would garner that "good
deal" emails are less than 1% of the traffic-currently.

 <<Perhaps the reason it bothers me so much is because I know the list webpage
 has an ideal mechanism for offering deals to the audifans ... thanks to Mark
 Chang.    >>

You are right, Marketplace is a very good resourse, but just like using the
archives, it is much easier to just shoot out an email to everybody- training
people to use the Marketplace as well as using it to sell parts (exclusively)
will not likely ever happen.

Currently satisfied with the list in this regard,

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