KKK turbo aspect ratio?

alan pritchard alanthecelt at alanthecelt.screaming.net
Fri Dec 7 20:05:39 EST 2001

Thats the turbo i ended up with, basically the turbo of a ford sierra
cosworth, but mine has the turbine of a smaller car (although i cant find
out if theres any difference). Havent done anything with it though, although
early maths says it will work most efficiantly at about 9 psi and should
lead to about 200 bhp with minor intercooling.  Although, saying that, maths
isnt always right ;)
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Subject: KKK turbo aspect ratio?

> Hello list,
> I am considering moving from the KKK turbo to a Garrett. I am wondering if
> anybody knows the A/R of the exhaust housing on the K26 (MC1) or K24 (MC2,
> 20v) Does anybody have any data on these, or is this some of the "secret"
> info KKK won't give up? I'll probably go with a T3 Garrett with a .48 A/R,
> though......
> Thanks
> Mike

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