10v Turbo-Header

alan pritchard alanthecelt at alanthecelt.screaming.net
Fri Dec 7 20:13:52 EST 2001

Wow, thats exactly what im after!!, hope you dont mind, but, how much did it
cost to be made? and do you have any drawings that you wouldnt mind
publishing? thx
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> Well, yall, here it is, finally ready for installation, see pics here:
> m+2.JPG&dispsize=800&start=0
> I will add more info and pics to 80tq.com soon, with more information
> how I built it etc.
> I made it using 1 3/8" Schedule 10 (.109 wall) 304 stainless, at that wall
> thickness, 321 is not really necessary.  Actual ID is about 1.41", flanges
> are stainless also.  On the end of it will be a Garret T3/T4 turbo capable
> flowing over 450hp.  It places the turbo where the airbox used to be.
> I will be finishing the installation in the next week or two, so stay
> for updates of how this baby actually works.
> Javad
> 80tq.com

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