need some 4kq wheel info

Bob Rossato bob.rossato at
Fri Dec 7 17:11:47 EST 2001

If you are referring to these wheels
( a friend of mine at
work has some on his '86 4kq.  They look pretty good, though the rest of the
car is pretty ratty.  They really fill up the wheel wells nicely.


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> Hello all,
> Just wondering, if anyone has put the rims from an 89-90ish Audi 100 fwd
> onto a 4kq?  The ones that I am looking at are the ones that are similar
> to the 90 CS from 93-95.  They kind of look like the AMG monoblock rims,
> but with a little curvature to them.  Not a very good description I
> know.
> Anyhow, was wondering if anyone has tried them on for size, and how they
> looked.  Pictures would be wonderful too.  I'd like to keep some Audi
> rims on my car, but without trying them on, it's kind of hard to
> visualize the result.
> Thanks!
> Greg Roa
> Cincinnati, OH
> 86' 4kcsq
> 93' 90 CS
> 83' 944

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