Piston Cleaning, Rear Fogs, Telephone Speaker & 1 Correction

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sat Dec 8 11:07:37 EST 2001

Traurig, Scott R writes:
> Ti: thanks a bunch for looking into the nav/telephone audio thing. I do see
> the extra speaker in my driver's door, but I'll be damned if I can find it
> in my factory electrical manual (my factory service manual won't be here
> until next week). All of the schematics show the phone and nav systems only
> attached to the radio, and no where that I can find is a connection to that
> door speaker, not even on the radio schematic. Is that speaker wired to the
> radio as a separate channel, or is it wired to attach to the telephone unit?
> Any additional info. you have would be much appreciated. Also, does anyone
> know what the signaling standards are for the radio to telephone/nav
> interface, i.e. the correct audio voltage levels, and the mute line levels
> (bet it's ground to mute or some simple thing)?

Not sure about the voltage level, but it's should not be difficult to
probe the line with a voltmeter.  You need four special radio puller
tools to extract the Symphony radio from the center console.

As to how that little nav/phone speaker on the driver's door on Bose
equipped cars, the Bentley CD wiring diagram doesn't show it.  It shows
only the non-Bose setup.  However, in the repair manual section of the
CD, "Electrical" -> "Telephone, Radio, Navigation", there are separate
sections for each of the Delta and Concert/Symphony and Bose/non-Bose
configurations.  There are descriptions about what each pin of the
radios connectors do.  You'll find the connection to the nav/phone speaker
there.  It's two of the pins on one of the 8-pin connectors.

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