radiator fan switch temp ranges with thermostat temp ranges...

superba superba at pacbell.net
Sun Dec 9 09:34:47 EST 2001

Hi All,

This is/will be in the FAQ's.  I searched the archives and found nothing
pertinent.  I need to know how to specify a single speed 2 terminal fan
switch given a thermostat temp opening spec.

The radiator fan switch jumped up and bit me in the butt once again
discharging my battery in a busy shopping center parking lot.  Fortunately,
there was a cab driver nearby "whose company allowed him to provide jump
starts for $25".  SOB.  To make matters worse, I have roadside emergency
service through USAA that I forgot about until it was after the fact.

Is there a cheap and dirty mod to keep the radiator fan from discharging the
battery due to a shorted radiator fan switch?  It is maddening that the
switch fails closed and when you find out about it, it's tooooo late.



Jim Jordan

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