dead 4kq ala new starter?

Tom B dr_hydro at
Tue Dec 11 16:56:34 EST 2001

Check to ensure that your battery is ok (test battery), also check to see if
the battery terminals are on the battery tight and are in good condition.
Last but not least, check that the large wire running from battery to
starter is in good condition and is tightly connected to both battery and

I have had this wire loosen up inside a replacement battery terminal, the
car acted like it needed a new starter. I put on a different terminal,
starter worked fine.

Starter replacement is fairly easy, the starter is held on by two bolts. One
of those bolts is through bolted and held with a nut, the other one is not
(IIRC). Make sure to disconnect postive side of battery if you do not want
to see a spark show when you disconnect the power to the starter :-)

Hope this helps,

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Hey all,

   Here's the situation...My audi (86 4000 quattro) is sitting in my parents
drive way, dead.   I drove to visit the fam in the boonies on the olympic
peninsula from portland oregon and the car sat in the driveway without being
started for several days.    My girlfriend and I decided to leave.   Packed
up and wandered out to the car and cranked it.   It cranked twice (didn't
start) and then acted as if the battery didn't have enough of a charge to
crank any more.   I jumped the car and it still won't start.   It just
clicks and doesn't crank.

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