[200q20v] Re: [s-cars] fuel link leak under pass front door

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Tue Dec 11 14:27:32 EST 2001

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When I got my '91 in 1998, The fuel lines had been replaced with copper
from where the lines bend up at the front, to most of the way back. The
mechanic thought that was an acceptable repair and I haven't had
problems with it.


PS. Brass couplers with compression fittings are used to join the lines

Darin Nederhoff, Managing Editor wrote:

>Chris Covington wrote:
>>Since changing the injectors and fuel filter, I've developed a leak at the
>>rubber grommet that suspends the fuel line underneath the passenger side
>>door.  I guess the line rusted inside that rubber grommet, and is now
>>leaking.  Anyway, is there any way that I can patch this or maybe run a
>>ferrel (sp?) connector around before the leaks with new line?  I'd like to
>>not have to replace the whole line, as it only leaks in one section.  Is
>>there some kind of kit for this ala the S4/S6 fuel line recall?
>I had the same problem on my S4... and I mean EXACTLY the same.  I am thinking
>that this may very well be the next area of concern for owners in the snow
>belt.  For what it is worth, my car "grew up" in Michigan.  I took some photos
>of my sick looking fuel lines and hope to put them on the S-Car site sometime
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