Non-functional Climate Control

Tom Nas tnas at
Tue Dec 11 21:38:46 EST 2001

Robert Myers <robert at> wrote:

 >Next time your friend starts the car turn the ignition key back to the
 >left just a "tad" (technical term). This sounds like an ignition switch
 >not returning fully to the "run" position. Because of this, the load
 >reduction relay isn't disengaging after startup. Of course, if he turns
 >it too far to the left the engine shuts off. He needs to get it to an in
 >between position.

Usually (but not always) the result of having a heavy bunch of keys
dangling from your ignition lock. For me it's just two keys and a simple
keyring... and I keep my house keys and all other stuff on a separate bunch.


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