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Well, yeah, but maybe half a decade too soon judging by my '69 F 100 (on second core) and '81 Jetta (orig. still going) - and how about the Corvair - which has none
(substituting gas * CO * for the liquid chemistry  issues associated with ethelyne/propylene glycol).

But....I guess my point is, doesn't  it seem that heater core failures are more common in the 80/90's vintage 1988-1992?

Anyone have analyses/history /comments on evolvment of heater/core designs through various models?

And.... I still think a Dremel tool mit cutoff wheel MIGHT provide access to change out the core through the firewall/cowl area - in about umm... say 20 minutes.
I'm looking for a volunteer.......

Tom Tauskey

Huw Powell wrote:

> > Still haven't done heater core on mine --but go to Alex's site for a comprehensive description of this job
> >
> > http://surf.to/the80pages.com
> me neither, but I "took one out" once...
> http://www.humanspeakers.com/cgi-bin/humanspeakers/audi_img.pl?image=heater-core-90.jpg&desc=90Q%20heater%20core%20found!
> > I haven't yet got the replacement core and pose this additional question to the list .....
> >
> > While it seems that the heater core element is fairly readily available, are there significant differences between replacement products?   Put another way, how come these heater
> > cores seem to fail so often?   What component manufacturer's product (cores) are to be avoided?
> I don't think heater cores failing every decade or so is that bad,
> really.  Isn't that a prety typical lifespan for a part like this?
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> Huw Powell
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