2003 audi rst

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Thu Dec 13 20:54:02 EST 2001


Wouldn't the new S4 be the "M3 killer"?  It sounds like the RST is a coupe
RS6, a big coupe that competes with the CLK55 AMG.  There is no BMW
competition on the big coupe front.

The M3 is a smaller car than the CLK430, and the CLK430 is not a performance
car, it's a luxury coupe, so they're not even competitors if they were the
same size.  The M3 is the competitor of the C32AMG, or whatever that model
is, which doesn't have a coupe version.

If there were a 5 coupe, that would be the CLK competitor, but there isn't.
It sounds like nothing, then the M5 would be the RST's closest BMW

'91 200q20v

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