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Thu Dec 13 19:30:41 EST 2001

auditude at writes:
> Hey, since they actually moved the injectors from the head into the
> intake manifold on the later normally aspirated cars, maybe that's
> why they did it?  That might help explain any power increases that
> coincided with that change in design?

There is no power increase due to that alone.  The power increase
from 110/115hp to 130hp is due to the increased displacement from
2.2 to 2.3 liters, and an increase in CR from 8.x:1 to 10.x:1.
The 2.3 NF engine has two forms, the early one has the injectors in
the head, and the later ones with the two piece intake manifold
with injectors mounted to the manifold.  Both variants make 130hp.

> Do those head castings for the cars with intake manifold mounted
> injectors still have holes for the in-the-head location?

Good question.  I haven't looked to verify this, but the heads themselves
have different part numbers...

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