[LAC] VWs with AWD?

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No, you're getting things all confused.

The QSW uses the _exact_ same system as the 4kq. Exactly the same.
No viscous couplings anywhere. None. NO VISCOUS COUPLINGS.

You cannot generalize "quattro" or "syncro" as these two terms are
used for various AWD systems that can be completely dissimilar.

Ti's example of the Golf Rallye and "Country" as well as the Vanagon
being called "syncro" with a completely different system underlines
this fact, as do the differences between the A4q and the TTq.


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    So it was just loosely based on my 4k's AWD without the Viscous
coupling.  I think 4K's don't have viscous couplers right?  I should
know this but I could be wrong (it's happened before).  I'm guessing
that the viscous couplers were used in place of the diff lock switches.
But otherwise are Quattro I and Syncro the same?

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Rave Racer writes:
>     Also, which AWD system was the Synchro?  Was that more of a Torsen

> system or was it the one from the 4000Q?

No Torsen in the VWs with Syncro (note the spelling, no 'h').  Syncro
*was* VW's name for its cars with AWD, but like today's "4Motion" it
referred to different technologies in different models.

The Quantum Syncro was the same as Quattro II - a la 4Kq.
The Golf/Jetta Syncro used viscous coupling, mostly front drive until
slip. I believe the Vanagon Syncro was also viscous coupled.

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