nicksimc nicksimc at plu.edu
Thu Dec 13 21:16:27 EST 2001

>Actually, I think its HPA up in Canada has transplanted a 24valve VR6
into an Audi
>TT and added twin turbos to boot, oh, and it a convertible. 500hp in a
>TT........can you say suicide rocket?
>Now on the other hand, that same engine/drivetrain combination in a 4
door Golf IV
>would be the ultimate sleeper!

They did, they called it "Golfzilla."  It was in an issue of Road & Track a
months back.  It seems that they were using the Golf as a test mule for the
TT conversion.  They grafted in quattro IV because the Golf wasn't
available with 4motion.  I think it was making 412hp, but I'm not sure.
Impressive, but not as impressive as the 900hp Golf made by Dahlback
Racing which is running an Audi 2.3l 20v destroked to 2.2l and, of course

82 4ks
84 4ksq

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