To replace 4kq ISV or not?

Brian Devlin bdevlin at
Fri Dec 14 16:59:44 EST 2001

In my experience a 4kq will not idle with a bad ISV, even when warm.
It is more likely the temp sensor. Guess what...there's a new one in
my garage somewhere. I'll give you a deal on it if I can find it.
-86 5kcstq
-84 4kq - gone one day and I miss it already

>The 84 4kq is having a hard time staying running when cold.  It starts just
>fine, then stalls, and does this serveral times until eventually  it idles
>very slowly and begins to run.  It will also die when the throttle slams
>shut and I have the clutch in.  It seems to be getting worse now that it is
>colder outside.  Once it is warmed up the car runs great.  I have tried
>cleaning the ISV serveral times without any change in performance (seemed to
>really work well on my old 90q20v).  I have fixed all the vaccuum leaks I
>could find.  I have discoverd the car does not have any stalling/almost
>stalling problems when the ISV is dissconnected.  This is why I think the
>ISV is the culprit, so how else do I test it?  I own a digital multi meter.
>So should I spend $179 at TPC for a new ISV or try something else before I
>spend the money on something that might not fix it?
>Does someone in Seattle have a good/functioning 4kq ISV I can buy or borrow
>to diagnose?
>Chad Frederick
>84 4kq
>92 S4

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