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On Thu, 13 Dec 2001 20:34:30 -0500 lee at (Lee M. Levitt)
>Darin Nederhoff <quattro at> writes:
>> Orin Eman wrote:
>> > > Brett and all,
>> > > Some bicycle frames and forks are constructed of carbon
>> > > fiber.  You can even get a CF fork with a CF steerer tube.
>> > > These frames are routinely used in competition.
>And competitive cyclists crash often, for many reasons :)
>Course, I run a CF fork on my Colnago, and I *love* the extra damping
>> >
>> > And Spinergy make those 8-spoke carbon fiber wheels too... which
>> > some say are subject to catastrophic failure.
>I had a set briefly...until I saw a picture of what happens when 1
>spoke of
>a 4 spoke wheel breaks. Instant faceplant. Switched to Zipps, but
>breaking spokes (and I weigh 145!), so I went to conventional wheels.
>set weighed only 2 oz more than the Zipp 303s they replaced. Then I
>went to
>clinchers, but that's another story :)
>> Bicycle part manufacturer Campagnolo has really gotten into a
>> carbon kick the last few years.  The Campy Record group on my bike
>carbon in
>> numerous places.  For 2002 they have carbon wheels and hubs (see
>> ) and a carbon
>> crank that I'm sure I'll have to update to before too long (see
>> )
>Yes, there's a few of us that share common illnesses. Fast cars,
>bikes, high end audio. Where will it all end?

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